Sunday, 8 April 2012

Welcome to the world George..

I have been very busy at the the moment and taking time out to look after my new son George. My first one! He was born March 22nd and I'm slowly getting used to it all! What a whirlwind of washing, feeding and nappy changing.... and a few odd hours of designing for therapy between feeds!

Heres a little Easter Chick design for him and I suppose now my work will feature a lot of baby art seeing as I have such good research.

So heres to a happy future for you George.


  1. Ah congratulations! Little boys are just fab (I would say that though, as I've got one too :) Enjoy

  2. Thanks its hard work but enjoying it so far:)

  3. Congratulations, he looks really cute! The first few weeks are very exhausting, but it does get much easier!!! I think your work is fab too. x